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$1.1 Million for DIPG by May 17th: DIPG Awareness Day

May 17th, is the DIPG Awareness Day so we take a moment to reflect what our community of supporters have achieved. In the past approximately 6 months since our kick of event in the historical location of Zurich, Switzerland (Dec 2022) we have:

  • raised $1,133,984

  • committed $1,033,984

  • deployed (paid out) $890,430

We have also learned so much from all of the research we funded and the experts we have collaborated with.

We have advised and worked with clinicians, patients, nurses, advocates and companies (from all sizes and stages) to find new treatment ideas and accelerate and help current needs.

As a Swiss based foundation we have focused our funding to the DMG/DIPG Center Zurich part of the University Children's Hospital Zurich and the DMG-ACT, but we have funded research in University of California San Francisco, co-funded projects with other global foundations as well supported testing the applicability to DIPG of ideas from innovative companies and start-ups.

The battle is hard, inconceivably hard for the people affected and progress is way to slow for the children and families in the fight. Standard of care remains the same for the past 40+ years, funding is scarce but the dedication and the hearts of everyone connected to DIPG is huge. There are some promising trials, ask me as things change daily, and new promising data popping up. Join us in accelerating the testing of those and reaching the holly grail: a CURE. A cure for DIPG is very likely to mean/lead-to a cure for most other brain cancers and possibly more.

Here we use and attribute due gratitude of the latest sources and infographics from the leading DIPG / DMG organizations, we are yet to start funding marketing and educational materials, and only if this proves to bring net value to the cause.

Call To Action:

👉🏻 Pick ONE person/group now; talk to them & share your passion for DIPG children

👉🏻 Share your ideas with us, volunteer, join the team … (

👉🏻 Follow us on social media and spread Awareness “Swiss to Cure DIPG

Sources for images:

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